Terms of Service

  1. Acknowledgment and Consent: By purchasing any of our products, you acknowledge and consent that you have reviewed and comprehended our service terms.
  2. Product Durations: When purchasing any of the products, you understand that some products are offered for a limited duration and others for longer durations. Lifetime duration on any of the product refers to the lifetime of the server, not your lifetime.
  3. Product Activation and Kits: If you have acquired any of the following: Hero, Titan, Legend, or Supreme, you are granted the perks immediately upon activation. However, the items in the kit must be claimed manually by you. Exercise caution when spawning your kits, as no refunds will be provided once you've claimed your kits. These items become part of the server's economy and cannot be retrieved.
  4. Regulation of Kits and Items: We regulate certain kits and items for specified durations to maintain balance between paying and non-paying players.
  5. User Conduct and Bans: We retain the right to ban users without refunds for violating server rules, possessing a previously banned EAC or Developer account, or engaging in defamatory, abusive, hateful, threatening, spam-like, or offensive behavior, among other infractions. Bans are at the discretion of server administrators, and rules may change without notice.
  6. Refund Policy: Refund requests related to lag, game glitches, delayed delivery, or other issues are subject to our discretion. Typically, purchases are delivered within 10 minutes, but in rare cases, delays of up to 24 hours may occur.
  7. Modification of Terms: We reserve the right to modify, update, or remove perks, privileges, permissions, services, or products at any time. These terms are subject to change without prior notice.
  8. Official Communication: Official communication must be conducted through our Discord Support Bot or [email protected].
  9. Disagreement with Terms: If you disagree with these terms, refrain from using our service.